Control your air conditioner

INTERNETPanasonic has always offered its customers the most effi cient Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners. Now it has taken a step forward and presents with the partnership of Intesis the IntesisHome, the most advanced service taking advantage of the latest Cloud Technology to manage your climate system from anywhere in the world.

Control your environment from you iPad, iPhone, any Android device or from a PC with Internet access using IntesisHome®. Offering the same functions as if you were at home: start/stop, Mode Operation, Set Temperature, Room Temperature etc. Experience the new, advanced functionality provided by

Functionality and nstallation

  • Remote control: On/Off, Mode, Temp. Setting, etc.
  • Scheduler calendar, Energy Saving functions, Preset configuration features
  • Dirty Air Filter alerts
  • Error list
  • ECO advices.
  • Multi-lingual application
  • Easy installation
  • Videos and Manuals from
  • Automatic updates.

Take control from wherever you are!