The new Etherea with ECONAVI

Living an eco lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort. With inverter control, you can still enjoy refreshingly cool air while reducing energy consumption by half. To further detect and reduce waste, now there is Econavi to give you even more energy savings. And, for a cleaner living environment, the new Nanoe-G helps purify the air as well as our surroundings. Together, these breakthrough technologies defi ne what Panasonic’s Eco Clean Life Innovation is all about – innovations that improve our environment while making life as comfortable as possible.

ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors monitor sunlight intensity, human movements, activity levels and human absence in order to detect unconscious waste of energy. ECONAVI automatically adjusts cooling power to save energy efficiently, whilst still providing uninterrupted cooling comfort and convenience. ECONAVI with intelligent eco sensors now has 4 abilities to detect and reduce energy waste. You can now enjoy higher maximum energy savings of up to 35%*¹ on cooling mode and up to 45%*² on heating mode.

Sunlight detection

ECONAVI detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and judges whether it is sunny or cloudy/night and reduces the waste of cooling under less sunlight conditions

One-touch ECONAVI reduces waste in three simple steps:

Sunlight detection

Human activity detection