About us

TZBtech (Company limited) has been performing on Slovak market since the year 2007. During the time of our functioning we have been focused on field of air exchangers and annealing and also on scene of measurement and regulation. Since the year 2011 our company has become an authorized dealer of PANASONIC for the whole Slovak Republic, covering the area of air- conditioning conveniences and thermal pumping devices.


We provide complex designing services of air exchangers, heating and refrigerating, measurement, regulation and wiring. Each project is being processed in the CAD system, result of which is project documentation in electronic version. Each project is being handled based on specific requirements of our customers.

Area of our project activity:

Authorized vendor of Panasonic establishment

Panasonic, company  with more than 30 years of experience and with export to over 120 countries round the world, is grantedly one of the leading producers of air-conditioning systems. Thanks to the ownership of more than  95 025 patents-this corporation is also world´s  top in the area of  innovations which  improve life of customers. Panasonic association keeps up at the fore of the market thanks to more than 500 developers working on construction of constantly innovated products in the European laboratories. Company has produced over 100 millions of compressors so far and its products are being manufactured in 294 production plants round the world. Customers can be assured of extraordinary quality of Panasonic air-conditioning systems.

The ambition to accomplish has led Panasonic to the world´s top in the area of heating and air-conditioning. Company´s industrial capabilities and adhesion to the environment have enabled to open new facilities of research and advancement of innovation technologies, which improve life concept of customers. Panasonic offers a wide range of key solutions for heating and air-conditioning of households, middle-sized buildings as administrative departments and restaurants and also large dimensional buildings. These offer maximum efficiency, they satisfy the most strict ecological standards and the most modern construction tasks of our age. Panasonic is aware of major responsibility in connection with instalation of heating and refrigerating systems.Because the offer of the best heating and annealing solutions is what really matters.