Stropné jednotky

5 YEARS WARRANTY Down to -20 in heating mode down to -15 cooling mod A class energy saving easy control by bms R2 logo r22 3.8 A 6.5A++

All the units are the same height and depth for a uniform appearance in mixed installations and feature a fresh air knockout for improved air quality.

S-60PT1E5 6.00 kW 7.00 kW
S-71PT1E5 7.10 kW 8.00 kW
S-100PT1E5 10.00 kW 11.20 kW
S-125PT1E5 12.50 kW 14.00 kW
S-140PT1E5 14.00 kW 16.00 kW
S-50PT1E5 5.00 kW 5.60 kW

Further comfort improvement
The wide air discharge opening widens the air
flow to the left and the right. The unpleasant
feeling caused when the air flow directly hits the
human body is prevented by the “Draft prevention
position”, which changes the swing width, so that
the degree of comfort is increased.