Wall Mounted type

5 YEARS WARRANTY Down to -20 in heating mode down to -15 cooling mod A class energy saving easy control by bms R2 logo r22 3.8 A 6.6A++

The extension of the range to include a 7.1 kW unit allows for many more applications to be satisfied. Typical installation examples could be studios, gyms, high ceiling areas and even server rooms can be conditioned.

S-50PK1E5 5.00 kW 5.60 kW
S-60PK1E5 6.00 kW 7.00 kW
S-71PK1E5 7.10 kW 8.00 kW

Closed discharge port
When the unit is turned off, the flap closes
completely to prevent entry of dust into the unit
and to keep the equipment clean.
Quiet operation
These units are among the quietest in the industry,
making them ideal for hotels and hospitals.
Smooth and durable design
Their compact size enables them to blend in,
even in small spaces.
Piping outlet in three directions
Is possible in the three directions of rear, right,
and left, making the installation work easier.
Air distribution is altered depending on the
operational mode of the unit