Outdoor units

Product Quality and Safety
All Panasonic air conditioners undergo strict quality and safety tests before
sale. This rigorous process includes obtaining All necessary safety
Approvals, to ensure that all air conditioners we sell are not only built to
the highest market standards, but are also completely safe.

U-60PE1E5 6.00 kW 8.00 kW
U-71PE1E5 7.10 kW 8.00 kW
U-100PE1E5 10.00 kW 11.20 kW
U-125PE1E5 12.50 kW 14.00 kW
U-140PE1E5 14.00 kW 16.00 kW
U-200PE1E8 20.20 kW 22.40 kW
U-250PE1E8 25.00 kW 28.00 kW
U-50PE1E5 5.00 kW 5.60 kW

Energy saving
1. Compact & High Efficient Compressor
Large-capacity inverter compressor has been
adopted. The inverter compressor is superior
in performance with improved partial-load
2. Printed Circuit Board (S-LINK)
The number of PCB was reduced from 3 into 2
pieces to improve maintenance work.
3. DC fan motor
Checking load and outside temperature, the
DC motor is controlled for optimum air volume.
4. New Large Diagonal (490mm) Air Flow Fan
The newly designed fan has been realized to inhibit air turbulence and to
increase efficiency. As fan diameter has been increased to 490 mm, the air
volume has been increased by 12% whilst maintaining a low sound level.
5. High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger size and the copper tube sizes in the heat exchanger
has been redesigned to increase efficiency.