Kanálová jednotka s nízkym statickým tlakom(pre skrytú inštaláciu)

5 YEARS WARRANTY energy saving internet control easy control by bms r22 4.2 A+ -10 cooling down to -10 in heating mode 5.80 A+ SEER

Designed for homes, offices, retail and restaurants, this Duct is ideal for small rooms where the air conditioning and the heating should be nicely integrated and where high comfort and efficiency is needed.

KIT-E9-PD3EA 2.50 kW 3.20 kW
KIT-E12-PD3EA 3.40 kW 4.00 kW

The new 9 and 12kW duct can also be connected to KNX, Modbus, EnOcean interfaces for easy integration with your BMS systems. This interfaces have dry contacts (ON/OFF, error message) for easy integration.

With the new Intesishome interface, you can control the Duct also from your smartphone and internet very easily.