4 way 60x60 cassette

internet control easy control by bms prevention allergen filter

4 Way 60x60 Cassette

CS-E9PB4EA 2.50 kW 3.20 kW
CS-E12PB4EA 3.40 kW 4.50 kW
CS-ME18PB4EA 5.00 kW 6.80 kW
CS-ME21PB4EA 6.00 kW 8.50 kW

Econavi features an in-built human activity sensor and a new sunlight detection technology to adjust output there by giving you the best comfort at anytime whilst saving energy. Econavi not only optimizes air flow orientation and volume according to human presence, it also reduces cooling power automatically by no/less sunshine. With Econavi, energy savings of up to 38% are possible, whilst increasing your comfort.

Furthermore, the Nanoe-G revolutionary air-purifying system utilises nano technology fine particles to remove and deactivate 99% of both airborne and adhesive micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and mould.

Inverter+ systems, you reduce consumption and thus save more! Up to 16%! Furthermore, using a Multi Split system, you save space on the outdoor unit, making it easier to install in small spaces.

The combination table in attached catalogue will help you to select the best option.