Is it really cold outside? Be careful.

If you’re planning to buy an air conditioner with heat pump take into account what the minimum outside temperature is.

When you use the heat pump continuously, and outside is really cold, you need to be sure that your outdoor unit will be capable of working in such a tough environment. Whenever you see these logos on our products you can buy them with confidence, knowing that you are making the right decision for a cold area.

At Panasonic Air Conditioning, we design products to meet your requirements. Designed to resist outside temperatures of -15º C and even -20º C. So if you're thinking of buying a heat pump for everyday use, and in winter it gets really cold outside, ask in the store for a product capable of resisting extreme outside temperatures.

Also we have products that can resist extreme outside temperatures like -15ºC while cooling a room. Seems nonsense, but imagine a big computer room that needs 18ºC for optimal working, inside a building that’s being heated.

We have identified our products with clear logos, so you can identify them easily