Etherea, eco inspired design

Cool, stylish and energy-saving design for the new Panasonic Air Conditioners

Panasonic air conditioners have been restyled in a beautiful and stylish way.

With a highly functional and beautiful new design, they bring your room interior a step up in refinement. The fresh new horizontal curved form characterizes the air conditioner’s new design.

The gentle curve at the center stylishly conceals the complex high-performance mechanisms inside, while thin ends emphasize the air conditioner’s slim style. This allows it to match the wall attractively, and harmonizes with virtually any room interior.


A comfortable and open living room full of light can create a kind of resort atmosphere. Here, the air conditioner’s smooth front panel reflects the light falling through the outside trees and into the room, increasing the sense of relaxation. The gently curving shape is conceptualized by a yacht’s sail in the wind. It symbolizes the spreading of the breeze that is led into the room by the air conditioner.


A cozy room, surrounded by your favorite furniture. Panasonic air conditioners fit wonderfully here too, even with warm, homey interiors, and their gentle design helps to create comfortable living spaces. The new models feature a refreshingly beautiful and sleek, ventless front grille. In addition to its sophisticated design, this grille prevents dust from accumulating, to simplify cleaning and maintenance. The front panel can also be easily removed for washing.


A lavish living room with a marble floor and leather sofa. The highquality design of Panasonic air conditioners blends perfectly even with luxurious room interiors such as this. While also accentuating the design, the newly designed Patrol Sensor monitors the room air.

Energy-Saving Up to 64% Cut in Power Consumption

Panasonic Inverter air conditioners provide exceptional energy-saving performance that ranks among the highest in the industry. This dramatically cuts electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, allowing an environment-friendly operation.


Our new models have obtained the highest energy performance classification, Class A, which puts them in the highest energy saving class. This means you can use these models every day, without having to worry about the electric bill.